15 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Enthusiast!

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Enthusiast!

Christmas for the camping and outdoor lover made easy with these gift ideas!

It’s well and truly time to start thinking about Christmas gifts! And if you’re stuck – let me share 15 awesome gift and some stocking stuffer ideas that will have your entire family covered (and your mates too!)

If you’re like me and have family or friends with birthday’s coming up during the silly season, why not take advantage of the list below and do some birthday shopping while you’re at it?

We work closely with all of these brands, using their incredible products all the time. We are super excited to be able to offer special discounts to our followers and supporters on all of the items listed below, so be sure to enter our code or click on the links to get the discount. Every purchase made using our discount codes will help to keep us on the road creating awesome content for you! We believe the products are as awesome as the Aussie owned people who have created them and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do 🤙🏼

adu merch


Want to make sure your gift is THE BEST this Christmas? Then click this link and grab some of our EPIC ADU Merch! Perfect for a weekend getaway, training at the gym, walking the dog, adventuring,  going to the movies … or whenever you want to look reaallly good. 

Our gear is comfy, stylish, durable and only available here in our online store. Designed by us and printed in Australia.



So good that I even got my dad one! We love our Campgrill and use it whenever we can. It’s Chris’s favourite way to cook, looks great, keeps us warm, is light weight and packs down really small.

Head over to the Camp Grill website and use our code ADUCREW for a discount off your purchase.


Skinnies Sungel

I had been on the hunt for a good sunscreen for almost 8 years until I stumbled across Skinnies Sungel, I contacted them immediately. I love what the product is, I love what it stands for and from now on we will use nothing else for our sun protection. Head over to https://skinnies.com.au/ and use our discount code ADUCREW for a 15% discount off your purchase! Your skin and the planet will thank you 🙂 Read more here.


tidy turf mats

Now available in BLACK! These Aussie hand-made mats are THE BEST for getting rid of excess debris that’s stuck to your feet or your shoes … think sand, wet grass, mud and whatever else you, your mates , your dog or your kids might of stepped in! Use our exclusive code ADU10 to get a discount! Click here to read more.


lskd gear


You can’t go wrong with LSKD as a gift for anyone! We have been wearing this brand since the very beginning and love it! Use our code CREWADU to get a discount off all non-sale items! Click here to read more.


bbq arm

Designed for camping and 4WD enthusiasts, this is the must-have caravan, camping and 4WD accessory. We used this all the time before our slide-out kitchens came along. We had a mount near the tow bar of our 4WD and one on the side of the van – it’s a really handy little gadget! No need to lug the bulky BBQ trolley around anymore.

Head over to the BBQARM website and use our code ADUCREW for a discount off your purchase.


dometic GO range

This is our favourite Dometic release yet! We get so many compliments and people asking where they can find this ‘awesome camp gear’. Designed with outdoor adventures in mind, Dometic GO is lightweight, resilient gear designed to fit seamlessly into the back of your car.

It’s also the best looking set on the market! We use the chairs, and table all the time and the bench seat doubles as a weight bench for us!

Head over to the Dometic Website and use our code ADUCREW for a discount off your purchase. This code also works on all these items as well.


kids gift ideas

Use our discount code ADUCREW across the ENTIRE Adventure Awaits website! You will find endless gift ideas for the kids in your life – big and small!

Head over to the Adventure Awaits website and use our code ADUCREW for a discount off your purchase.


dometic GO range

We LOVE our Dometic drinkware – especially the new colours they have recently released! Convenient to clean and comfortable to use, the drinkware can be used for hot and cold drinks.

Thermally-insulated bottles suitable for water, thermally-insulated tumblers great for hot drinks on the go and stackable cups for water, coffee and mixed drinks.

Head over to the Dometic Website and use our code ADUCREW for a discount off your purchase. This code also works on heaps of other Dometic products too!


Wandspro Clipcroc Dinnerware


ClipCroc is a unique ‘Clip-together’ crockery (tableware) range including plates, dishes, bowls & cups. They all CLIP TOGETHER to provide a quick, quiet, clean and cool advantage meaning NO FUSS, NO MESS, NO NOISE & No Rubbish!

They are rattle free, easy to pack, safe to stack, heat insulating & easy to clean! Use our exclusive code ADU10 to get a discount! Click here to read more.


Survival First Aid Kits


Aussie-made, award winning and all-round bloody brilliant first aid kits that we have been using for many years.
We wouldn’t be without one and shouldn’t be either!

Use our exclusive code ADUCREW to get a discount!


Bliss Blender

We love the Bliss Blender Pro! Its small and easily fits into the kitchen in the caravan or the pullout pantry in the Chevy and has a strong, high performance motor that turns ice, fruit and/or supplements into a delicious smoothie in just seconds.

It charges via a USB-C cable (with a splash proof port) – and one charge lasts ages! With a 500ml capacity and a blender that turns into a cup, it ticks all the boxes for us.

Head over to the Bliss Blender website and enter our exclusive discount code ADUCREW for a discount of your purchase!

Use our exclusive code ADUCREW to get a discount!

NY Gym Towel Co

NY Gym Towel Co have created the PERFECT antibacterial gym sweat towels and yoga mat towels infused with silver.

Sound too good to be true? Read more here.  Use our exclusive code MIMFIT,  to get a 20% discount off ALL PRODUCTS! Click to read more.

Silver as a natural anti-biotic and antibacterial can be added as nano particles into microfibre to create an Antibacterial Cloth. The nano particles of the silver actually trap the bacteria, not just wipe it around like a normal sweat towel does. Like magic, the silver actually deactivates 99% of the bacteria preventing it from spreading on the equipment and your body. What makes our product so unique and even better, the silver properties in our towels means they are “odour-free” too! That’s a God send to those mums who have to clean out their kids sports bags.


Switch Nutrition Supplements

What do you have in life if you don’t have your health? We use these health supplements every day, and have done for years.

Use our exclusive code ADUCREW to get a discount! Gift Cards available!

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and tried so many supplements it’s insane. Especially when competing. I used to import products from the USA, and goodness knows where else in my efforts to find ‘the perfect supplement’. Now, thankfully, I can say I’ve found it! And … Switch Nutrition is made in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. I personally know the owner/creator/genius behind these products and can without a doubt say they are life changing.

If you haven’t tried them, do yourself (and your health!) and favour – and get onto it! My parents take these, my teenage daughter uses them – they are for almost everyone! From those looking to improve their help, get a better nights sleep or up their game when working out, these are the go-to supplement.

Slide ‘n’ Dry Pegless Clothesline

We’ve been using this pegless clothesline for years – check out the ancient image!  We are always on the lookout for products that make camping/caravanning easier – and this is one of the best things we’ve come across! No more fiddling with pegs – hanging your washing is fast and easy;  Easy on, easy off! Simply slide your washing into the slots to dry.

Perfect for indoors and outdoors, at home, camping or travelling. You can add a couple together, and you can make single ones shorter so they fit almost anywhere. 1 pk = 2 metres of pegless washing line and 2 bungee cords, 12 slides, 24 points. All slides are inter locking – so you can make your line as long or as short as you need. We use it both in the caravan and when are in just the Chevy and rooftop tent.

Do yourself a favour and click the link below to be taken to our store to grab yours now. And take my advice – buy more than one. We have 4!

No matter who you are shopping for, you are bound to put smiles on their dials with something from this list! And if you have any questions at all in regards to anything at all … please ask us! There’s nothing we love more than sharing our experiences to make things better/easier/more fun for you. Ho ho ho and happy shopping!