Those of you who are serious about good clear night vision know how important lighting is. I’m talking to you beach drivers, outback drivers and those of us who like to get out and play after dark.

We set out to build the Chev with top quality componentry that will stand the test of time and handle the harsh conditions of the Australian environment.

We know the Australian market is flooded with a variety of cheaper lighting alternatives, but for us, quality far outweighs cost.

Not all LED lights are designed the same or built the same and during our research, we came across Lazer Lamps, a product that is designed and manufactured in the UK.

The Lazerlamps Sentinal Elite driving light has 32 high density LEDs, over 15,000 raw lumens and along with the other Lazerlamps we have on board, turns night into day!
It’s only ever the best of the best for our truck and when it comes to lighting, that’s exactly what we’ve got!
These will be mounted onto our soon to be installed front bar and integrated into the bar we have the Triple R 16 inch light bar along with two Utility 80 Lights.
We are also running the Triple R 28, 51 inch light bar on the roof. Yep. I think we’ve got the lighting for the Chevy sorted, wouldn’t you say?

Just to give you an idea of the quality of Lazer Lamps, here a few key points:

  • Made In UK
  • 5 year warranty
  • Continuous Improvement –
  • Motorsport development and testing carries over to products for everyday road/off-road use (M-Sport, Hyundai Motorsport, Toyota Motorsport etc) – WRC / Le Mans 24h Winners
  • Tier1 Relationship in Europe with VW Group (plus many other Tier1/2 partnerships)
  • Innovation Driven
  • Bespoke Solutions e.g. Grille Kits
  • Premium Product Design and Build (no compromise in the selection of component parts for the best performance and build quality)

We have 100% confidence that we have made the right choice. The Triple-R 28 Elite is what we have chose to run with; boasting 28560 lumen, delivering 1 lux to 1253 metres when we flick the high beams on, it’s just one big WOW!

Head over to for more info and to check out the entire range

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