NY Gym Towel Co have created the PERFECT gym sweat towels and yoga mat towels that are great at wiping the sweat from your body PLUS getting rid of the bacteria when wiping down your spin bike, weights bench or yoga mat!

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Living on the road and traveling full time means my yoga mat gets thrown down on all sorts of surfaces; dirt of all different colours including bright red, sand, wet & dry grass, mud, concrete and whatever else you can think of! It can sometimes also be tricky to disinfect my mat in between uses. So when Peta from NY Gym Towel Co reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try her product, I had a quick read and was instantly intrigued and VERY interested. This is what she says on her website:

‘As a Fitness Instructor during a global pandemic, I recognised the heightened awareness to hygiene, cleaning and bacteria transference. While gym sweat towels are great at wiping the sweat from your body; wiping down your spin bike, weights bench or yoga mat with your towel doesn’t actually kill the bacteria, it just spreads it over your equipment & your body.

Silver as a natural anti-biotic and antibacterial can be added as nano particles into microfibre to create an Antibacterial Cloth. The nano particles of the silver actually trap the bacteria, not just wipe it around like a normal sweat towel does. Like magic, the silver actually deactivates 99% of the bacteria preventing it from spreading on the equipment and your body. What makes our product so unique and even better, the silver properties in our towels means they are “odour-free” too! That’s a God send to those mums who have to clean out their kids sports bags.

With 2 sides of the Antibacterial Gym Towels, we have created the plain/logo side to be used on your gym equipment, and the über cool design side for you to wipe the sweat off your body so there is no cross contamination. And you have a really cool design that is not plain or boring!

Each NY Gym Towel Co. Antibacterial Gym Towel come in a complimentary sweat pack to protect your gym bag contents.’

And there you have it. Can you see why I fell in love with these towels? I LOVE them & I know you will too. My suggestion is to grab a yoga mat towel and a gym towel. They’re the perfect combo 🙂


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