We love giving stuff away and we know you love getting it! And it’s not just winning, it’s the entire process. We love reading your comments, and interacting with you as you share it with your friends and in your stories on IG and FB. Our favourite part is the lead up to announcing the winners! Oh, and telling the winner they’ve won. That’s pretty special too.

Sadly, we are in the process of trying to outsmart the scammers who target our social media accounts each time we run a giveaway. Fake accounts pop up everywhere with links to fake websites asking for details that quite often include credit cards and we are always blown away at how many of our followers fall for this and follow these pages back. The best think you can do is report the account as spam and pretending to be someone you know, and then blocking them. Always double check spelling, make sure the account is public and use common sense. It it seems dodgy, it probably is! If you are uncertain, please reach out to us and ask.

So – this is our first step in the fight. A competition page on our genuine website. Here you will see past competitions, current competitions and this is where the winners will be announced (as well as LIVE and in posts on our social platforms).

Knobby Giveaway

Win this awesome Knobby bundle jam-packed with all sorts of awesome stuff from capes to yoyos, drink bottles to beach balls and heaps more!

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