3 months of videos exploring Tasmania in our caravan and Chevy

We booked our Tassie trip in 2020 when borders were closed and prayed that they would open in time for us – and they did! We were the first passengers on the Spirit of Tasmania who didn’t have to do hotel quarantine which meant nothing was crowded – not he ferry, the roads or the popular summer spots. That’s a win in our books.

I’m from Tassie (Miriam), born in Launceston and have also lived in Hobart. So, when I moved to QLD, met Chris and discovered he was keen to spend more than a few holidays back in my home state, of course I agreed! I was able to see my family and explore parts of the state I didn’t even know existed while I lived there.

We’ve flown down and hired a car a few times and we have also driven down a few times. Each time we visit new places and sometimes revisit spots that we really enjoyed before. This last trip was completely different for a few reasons. First, we stayed for almost 3 months, second it was just us (no kids) and third, we are now fully set up for off-grid camping.

Being set up for off-grid meant we had many more options than we did on our previous trips. Not only is our caravan fully set up for free camping, but we also have enough water and power in the Chevy to top up the caravan if needed. The Chevy is also capable of being taken off grid separately which gives us the versatility of camping in the hard to reach places that we can’t quite get to in the caravan.

Tassie is a state that sadly, gets missed off many peoples ‘big lap’ itinerary. I am hoping that you enjoy this little series and that it inspires you to book your very own Tasmanian adventure! Let me know in the comments. Have you been? What was your favourite part? What time of year did you go? Is it on your list? If not, why not? If you have any questions, please ask. We would love to help you plan your trip to my beautiful home state.



Tasmania has some of Australia’s best roads, and we enjoyed every twisty, windy, hilly, spectacular one of them. This is a little snippet of some of our Road Tripping Tasmania adventures.

short videos

these are some videos we did for a few different clients, showcasing their park and the local area.

the original ADU TOURS TASSIE

this is when we traveled the apple isle in our Jayco and Hilux with 3 kids in tow! Completely different to our latest tassie adventures. all these were filmed using the trusty iphone/gopro combo!

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