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If we have come to learn anything during this past year of such uncertainty, is that life is short, our daily freedom of living our best life really is in our hands. So we need to grab hold and take that adventure!

Tidy Turf isn’t just a range of magical mats which rids any excess debris; Tidy Turf is your adventure side kick. Take them wherever you go seeking adventure. Simply roll up our Tidy Turf Mat and off you go!! 

We want our mats to encourage you to get out there and live your best life. Go camping, go fishing, go travelling. Do all the things your inner adventure heart is yearning to do (while keeping Tidy) 

The Tidy Turf family want to know your adventure story. Where do you go on the daily; or weekly or monthly? What adventures are you taking? It could be as simple as a day at the beach or a ride with your family. It doesn’t matter what your doing, Tidy Turf is here to help clean up the mess.


100% Australian, locally handcrafted, with a sleek binding to suit your style. It looks cool, feels lush and travels easily – but most importantly, it WORKS.

Tidy Turf Mats are durable yet soft, and effectively remove any excess debris that has stuck to your feet or shoes. Available in a variety of sizes and can be custom made to suit.

Head over to www.tidyturfmats.com and

enter our code ADU10  for your discount!

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