The Crack Up Sisters – What a Crack Up!

The Crack Up Sisters – What a Crack Up!

Have you ever heard of The Crackup Sister’s? Well if you have you’ll know how funny they are, and if you haven’t, you should know that they will get you laughing in no time!

ST Ruth and Twiggsy are sisters from Winton who travel around Outback Australia doing a comedy show with stock whipping and acrobatics, and they were the hosts of the Big Red Bash this year (and last year too I think).

During the Big Red Bash we went to every show the crack up sisters performed. The first time we went, we were in the second row; the second time we were in the third row and  the third time I went early, and we got front row, YESSS!!!! Although we were in the front row it was kind of scary when the crackup sisters got their whips out (you can see our heads in the pics! We arein the orange chairs).

They crack the whips around their heads and in front and behind … and sometimes ST Ruth cracked flowers out of Twiggsy’s hands!

They do the show in front of their caravan which is made to look like a cute house, and Twiggsy was on the roof pretending to take the elevator down once – it was so funny!

Their first show was a family show, it was so funny I nearly peed myself. That show was probably the funniest of them all. The last two shows were just kids shows, they were still pretty funny, but not as funny as the first one.

After their shows, they would sell their special packs and if you bought one you would get a free photo with them. In the pack they had lots of stuff,  but the coolest thing was a tea towel that had instructions on how to turn it into a ‘kitchen whip’! Haha!!

Oh yeah, I can’t forget that they were selling stock whips too. They were soooo cool! We couldn’t get one – I wish we could though. Luckily one of our friends bought one and they let us have a turn. It took a while for me to get it to crack, but after a few hours I finally got it!

I love the Crack Up Sisters and we can’t wait to see them again.



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Hastings Point by Aylah

Hastings Point by Aylah

Hastings point is one of the best places on earth. It only takes about an hour and a half to get there from Brisbane which is great as you don’t have to spend ages in the car! Do you want to know what you can do there? I’d love to tell you 🙂

Here are a couple of things. Firstly there is an awesome indoor playground that is called Neptune’s Castle. All you have to do to get in, is have your parents  sign you in. After that you can do lots of activities. In kids club there is a massive play fort where we play all sorts of games and do crafts. Doesn’t it sound awesome already? But guess what, that is just the beginning…

Neptune’s Castle

The second thing that I love is the pool and the waterpark. I love the pool and the water slides, they are the best. Once my dad took photos of me, Charli and Miriam on the water slide and Miriam had uploaded them to Facebook. The park loved our photos and we won a competition which gave us a free weekend at the caravan park. We have stayed here 4 times now. In summer and in winter and in between!

There is also an adult pool and massage place, so the adults don’t have to deal with their kids. The parents usually go there or to the beach while we play in Neptune’s Castle.




The waterpark is my favourite!

The beach is right across the road too, and it’s so much fun! There are also bike tracks and a skate park near by. The little town is close to and have really yummy fish and chips.

There is also a really cozy Indoor movie theatre, where they play really enjoyable movies for the whole family. We got to go to most movies they played, and they were so enjoyable to watch.

Did you know that there is also a tennis court? In the tennis court, there are many activities, in one of the activities you ride around the tennis court on little buggies, it is so much fun. On the outside of the tennis court there is a chess board, if you like chess, then this is the place for you. Oh, and also there is a barbeque in front of the tennis court, so whilst the kids are playing in the courts or playing chess, the parents can relax and cook dinner on the barbeque.



Let’s not forget about the games room and the outdoor playground next to it. The games room has a variety of fun games like tabel tennis, and a small, free playroom for the little kids.

Next to the games room, there is a huge outdoor playground for all ages. One side of the playground is for the children ages 2-8, and another side for ages 9-12. Even though I’m supposed to play on the side for the older children, I do admit that the little kids playground is pretty fun to play on as well.

We love to play ping pong, and the little stage inside is great to do crafts on if it’s raining outside!

This is the best place to go if you’re looking for a place to stay over the weekend or the holidays and is great for both adults and children.

Bigriggen by Aylah

Bigriggen by Aylah

Saturday 3/3/18

I woke up and felt really excited.   Today we are going to Bigriggen. After I got dressed I went out into the kitchen to eat my açai bowl . The açai bowl was absolutely delicious. After I packed a bag with all fun stuff to do. We got in the car but Miriam was taking forever.

Listening to my awesome music!

By the time she got to the car I was a grandma. We finally started driving but dad had to stop at Shorties to get a coffee. While we were waiting Miriam, Cooper, Charli and I all took selfies.

Once dad had got back in the car we started driving again. After like 20 minutes Charli, Cooper and I were bored so I got my head phones out and turned them on and music came on and I was so happy. After, we stopped again so dad could get another coffee at rathdowney.  We finely got to Bigriggen ??.

We all went to the creek and Cooper, Charli and I went in the rapids . It was awesome ? but the bad bit was that I kept jabbing my left big toe and it hurt ?. Now we are all back at the caravan and we have just finished playing with our frisbee’s on the grass oval. After that we went back to the creek and swam for a little bit but then it was getting cold so we got out. Soon after some friends came. We all talked a bit and then me and Sarah (their daughter) came in the caravan to play Bounce Off, it was fun. Then dad took the plate off the barbecue and the kids roasted marshmallows it was fun and YUMMY ?



Sunday 4/3/18

Today we are going on a walk ( 3 hours) I really don’t want to but the parents want us to come ?, before we go we went to the creek .

The Creek

I was so happy? because our friend’s came with a air mattress so we could go down the rapids with it ? . After that we went back to the caravan and played with the netball. It was fun❤️. Then we all went to go on some walks.

While we were going up in the car to the walk, dad’s drive shaft snapped –  it took so long to fix but they did it. Then we all drove back to the caravan and left to go home. This car trip I actually got good music to listen to.

Once we got home ? all of us ran to the house to see Sprocket – he was so happy ? then we unpacked the caravan and rested.

Me and cooper stayed the night again and in the morning we went back to Mum’s.

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