These Aussie-made mats are THE BEST for getting rid of excess debris that’s stuck to your feet or your shoes … think sand, wet grass, mud and whatever else you or your mates or your kids might of stepped in! Use our exclusive code ADU10 to get a discount! Click here to read more.

LSKD is a Australian lifestyle clothing brand. We love it and have been wearing it everyday for years! Use our exclusive code CREWADU to get a discount! Click to read more.

Amazing underwear delivered monthly for only 25 bucks. Bloody comfy. Ridiculously popular. Cancel anytime. Use our exclusive code ADUCREW to get a discount! Click to read more.

What do you have in life if you don’t have your health? We use these health supplements every day, and have done for years. Use our exclusive code ADUCREW to get a discount! Click to read more.

Use our code ADUCREW to get a discount off a wide range of Dometic outdoor and camping products

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NY Gym Towel Co have created the PERFECT antibacterial gym sweat towels and yoga mat towels. Sound too good to be true? Read more here Use our exclusive code MIMFIT,  to get a 20% discount off ALL PRODUCTS! Click to read more.


Use our code ADUCREW for a discount off this awesome little mosquito zapper lanters. We have 4 in our caravan and absolutely love them

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Use our code ADUCREW for a 15% discount off your purchase! This is the best sunscreen ever. Try it – your skin and the planet will thank you 🙂

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ClipCroc is a unique ‘Clip-together’ crockery (tableware) range including plates, dishes, bowls & cups. They all CLIP TOGETHER to provide a quick, quiet, clean and cool advantage meaning NO FUSS, NO MESS, NO NOISE & No Rubbish! They are rattle free, easy to pack, safe to stack, heat insulating & easy to clean! Use our exclusive code ADU10 to get a discount! Click here to read more.

Aussie-made, award winning and all-round bloody brilliant first aid kits!  We wouldn’t be without one and shouldn’t be either! Use our exclusive code ADUCREW to get a discount! Click here to read more.

Fancy a bevvy or two but not too keen on the hangover that follows? Use our exclusive DISCOUNT CODE ADU15  Click to read more!

We love our Bliss PRO! It’s the perfect size at 500ml, compact enough to fit in our caravan or canopy but big enough to prepare our brekkie smoothies. Use our exclusive code ADUCREW to get a discount! Click to read more.

This swing-away table for camp BBQ’s that can be fitted to your caravan, trailer or 4x4 is an ingenious little invention! Use our exclusive code ADUCREW to get a discount! Click to read more.


One of the market leaders in Australian caravans. Luxurious, modern interiors with tough, stylish exteriors, designed for tough Australian conditions.

We are proud ambassadors for Titanium Caravans. Read more.

We love getting off-grid and still having all the luxuries of a powered site; hair dryer, straightener, coffee machine, induction cook top, air fryer, Thermomix and even air conditioning/heating … all with no power connected to the van? Yes please. How do we do this? With a full off-grid Enerdrive Lithium Battery system in both our caravan and 4WD. We also have the Simarine Digital Monitoring System. Click here to read more.

With over 45 years experience, 40+ team members and stocking 50+ big brands, Suncoast Caravan Service is Australia’s leading caravan appliances, accessories and spare parts store AND they are your one stop shop for all your caravanning needs including servicing, maintenance and installations/upgrades/modifications and custom work Click to read more.


Established in November 2020, Offroad Creative is an Australian family owned and operated manufacturing business based on the Gold Coast. They specialise in Australian made canopies and bars that are built to last. We love our canopy and front bar!  Click to read more. 


Race Wheels Australia are the exclusive Australian Distributor for Method Race Wheels. We wouldn’t run anything else. Click here to read more

With what we do, we MUST have 100% confidence in our tyres. We ran Toyo Toyo’s on the Hilux, loved them, and are so happy to be running them again on the Chev. Click here to read more.

We’ve been running King Off Road shock absorbers for years and we love them. Mikes Shock Shop offers a large array of services and sources a huge number products to support four wheel drivers and racer.

Read more here.

Australia’s leader in all-terrain towing technology.

We run Cruisemaster XT3W Air with disc brakes in our Titanium SS Hardcore Caravan and this was the best decision we ever made. Click here to read more.

We are very proud ambassadors for GMSV in Australia and absolutely LOVE our Silverado. Click here to read more about these awesome American Trucks and why we chose ours.

E-bikes are where it’s at, and if you don’t believe us – jump on one and see for yourself! We are in love with our Specialized Turbo Levo Experts and highly recommend you hit up your local dealer and take one for a test ride. If you are in the Cairns area, definitely stop in at Pump n Pedals and have a chat with Adam & the team. You can thank us later. Click here to read more.

The Bushwakka DINGO DEN rooftop tent and U-Beaut awning are some of the best accessories we have added to our 4x4! Click to read more.

The only hitch you will ever need!  We have been using a GEN-Y hitch for years and 100% recommend them. Read more here:

Epic bike racks, roof racks and accessories for both the caravan and Chev. Read more and see videos here.

The Triple-R 28 Elite is what we have chose to run with; boasting 28560 lumen, delivering 1 lux to 1253 metres when we flick the high beams on, it’s just one big WOW!. Click here to read more

You must see these incredible products to understand just how good they are. They sell an extensive range of products to make cooking over a fire fun and easy and have everything including braais/bbq’s, knives, fire pits, zippo lighters, merch, accessories, bags and of course bundles. They even engrave their knives which are the best carbon steel knives on the market. Click to read more

No pegs? No worries! Slide n’ Dry Pegless Clotheslines are proudly designed and manufactured in Melbourne. Click to read more.

Campedia 100% Australian Owned and Operated and free to download. Your Ultimate Touring/Camping App. Download today  Click here to read more.

The world’s best recovery tracks.

MAXTRAX is the innovative, lightweight vehicle recovery device that’s Australian designed, engineered and manufactured, PATENTED and rigorously tried. Click here to read more.

The Caravanning with Kids platform is an online shop for Australian made Travel Journals, Caravan/Camper Log Books and award winning Slide n’ Dry Pegless Clotheslines amongst heaps of other amazing Aussie designed caravan inspired goodies and travel accessories. Click here to get shopping!

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