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I have so many blog posts stored in my mind, and I can’t wait to put fingers to keypad and share them with you! Posts from me (Miriam) will cover all sorts of things like locations, adventures, reviews of places we have stayed, my favourite recipes, how I keep fit when we travel and so on. I’d love your feedback, so please comment after you read. Thank you! 😌

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Long Weekend with the Crew at Habitat Noosa

Think an enormous campground on the banks of an enormous flat lake where enormously good times can be had! Habitat Noosa is a 65-acre eco-resort in The Great Sandy National Park on the Sunshine Coast with 500 metres of lake front on the Noosa River. The stunning Lake...

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Camping – What is it Really?

‘Yes mum. I’ve rinsed my feet in the bucket. YES! I’ve wiped them on the towel too.’ I shook my head, laughing a little as I walked inside.

If I had $1 for every time someone said to me, ‘I don’t like camping,’ I’d be a very rich woman!

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Here’s to 2020

Sometimes in life we make decisions and choices that seem so right at the time. Then, you realise with a sinking heart that you made the wrong choice, the wrong decision. All the hopes and dreams built around those choices come crashing down. And, because your future...

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Cruisemaster Factory Tour

We have always known that Cruisemaster is the industry leader in all-terrain towing technology. We have heard this said time and time again, and our last van was fitted with this suspension and coupling and towed like a dream.
When they offered to take us on a factory tour, we jumped at the opportunity and set a date.

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Woody Head, NSW

Woody Head is one of those places you visit and start to plan your return trip within moments of setting up. It really is the perfect beach holiday spot.

White sandy beaches, rock platforms, a boat ramp, grassy areas, rain forest, shallow reef (perfect for snorkeling) and lots of kangaroos roaming around … plus awesome surfing and great fishing place Woody Head right near the top of our beach side camping list.

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Kangaroo Valley and Buladelah, NSW. By Charli

The first time dad has ever been worried ... of course we're all scared to death. We were driving through a mountain range down an extremely steep, slippery road and were all scared for our lives. When mum had found what sounded like an amazing free camp on Wikicamps...

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Walking. Are You Doing it Right?

That's a photo of me with my mum and dad doing a long hike to Montezuma Falls in Tasmania. We LOVE walking!      If you're anything like us and spend a whole lot of your 'spare time' traveling and exploring our beautiful country ... like us, you probably...

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15 Exercises for Caravanning Seniors

We know all too well how easy it is to let routine fall by the wayside when you hit the road. Our regular ‘at home’ routine involves an early morning gym session before work, and my job involves teaching between 2-4 fitness classes a day. Chris has a fairly active job...

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We hit the dusty, corrugated road to Pender Bay fully prepared with lowered tyre pressures and the van properly packed. What we weren’t prepared for was a bushfire 😱 We ended up cruising through the smoke praying the fire wasn’t too close 🙏🏼🔥Thankfully it wasn’t and we can see it burning from our cliff top view over the water where we are camped. It was a different story for the Holliers from Campedia who joined us the following day - they had to wait as the fire had jumped the road - and they had to drive between the flames 😱🥵
We can see it across the bay from our campsite - it seems to spark late in the afternoons and burns into the night and is out by morning. The caretaker here mentioned it was a burn off but who knows 🤔 It’s not as bad today … but who knows what will happen when the windy weather hits tomorrow!

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #penderbay #bushfire #dampierpeninsula #towing #titaniumcaravans #aduchevy #gmsvxadu #caravanningaustralia #travelcouple #travelaustralia

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Feeling completely weightless as I float in one of the many mesmerizing rock pools at Coconut Wells near Broome during low tide 🌊🥥 The clear turquoise waters surround me, creating a perfect oasis amidst the stunning natural beauty. 🏝️🌞 Nature’s tranquil embrace, letting go of all worries and just being in the moment. 🧘‍♀️🌅 Ps. While setting up for this shot I had lots of prawns crawling over my feet and little fish nibbling! I felt like I was getting a pedicure! 😂

#coconutwells #broome #rockpoolparadise #natureescape #lowtidebliss #broometime #float #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #travelaustralia #australia #westernaustralia

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An afternoon on the world famous Cable Beach in Broome. It doesn’t get more iconic than this! Eating dinner - Mexican 😍- in our favourite restaurant with our favourite, ever-changing views 🌊🐫 Have you been to Cable Beach & experienced these incredible sunsets? Is it on your bucket list? 💦

#cablebeach #broome #broometime #enerdrive #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #bigdogbuilds #beach #beach #beachesofaustralia #camels #camel #camelride #sunset #placesweswim #australia #travelcouple #travel #fulltimetravel #exploreoz #explorepage

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Happy Sunday! We hope you’ve had an awesome day with awesome people 😁 We just wanted to say thank you for your support across all of our platforms 🙏🏼 What we do can be challenging for many reasons and it’s definitely not all fun jumps in front of pretty sunsets like you see here 😁 Those of you who watched todays YouTube video would have seen me have a mini breakdown 😢 We really want to thank you for letting us share our journey with you and thank you for the support from our social media family and the travel community. It means the world to us 🙏🏼🙏🏼 What’s your Sunday night looking like? Let us know what you’re up to! 😁

#aussiedestinationsunknown #eightymilebeach #westernaustralia #aduwa #travelaustralia #travelcouple #travelcommunity #fulltimetravel #sunset #jump #australia #travelaustralia #beach #beachesofaustralia

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A little bit of Pilbara magic for you tonight 😁🧡💛❤️🤍
#sunset #aussiedestinationsunknown
#westernaustralia #pilbara #travel #roadtrip #drive #visitaustralia #duramax #gmsvxadu #gmsv #chevysilverado #silverado #sunsetlovers

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Action packed - that’s what we call our latest YT episode! Multiple bogged beach rescues - ADU to the rescue!! 👊🏼 a very expensive mistake 😩 the beautiful town of Kalbarri 🤍 and more fun at Lucky Bay Campground 🤿 🐠 Whoot! Bring it on 🙌🏼 Link in bio 😁

#travelcouple #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #westernaustralia #australia #seeaustralia #travel #snorkel #bogged #kalbarri #caravanningaustralia

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This is what we do for work. Rate our office out of 10 😁🙌🏼

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #westernaustralia #visitwesternaustralia #travelcouple #travel #australia #thepilbara #marblebar #views #pilbara #visitwa #explore #explorewa #hike #hikeaustralia #hiking #nature

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📍Hancock Gorge, Kermits Pool Class 5.
1.5 km return. Allow 2 hours.’ This was my favourite for sure, 😁💦🙌🏼 I kept my wetsuit on from our previous dip in the Handrail Pool - so I took all the water crossings while Chris negotiated the walls 😅 Yep. I did the full days hiking in a wetsuit and rock shoes! People were envious 🤣🤣 I nearly went under a few times - and my backpack ended up drenched. Lucky it just had my towel in it 😅 I slid down the chute on my bum and bombed into the pool. Chris got in even without his wetty 🥶 It was sooooo much fun!! This has been the hi light of our entire WA adventure so far - the colours are incredible ❤️🧡🩵🤍each gorge is unique and spectacular and the cold water added to the whole experience 🙌🏼 Have you done Karijini and if so, did you jump in all the swimming holes? Did you have a favourite? 😁

‘For very experienced and well-prepared hikers only. A high level of fitness and agility is required. From the trailhead sign, follow the trail to the edge of the gorge. There are numerous natural obstacles. Negotiate uneven rock steps to reach ladders. Descend ladders to the gorge floor and hike downstream to Kermits Pool. Hiking through water will be required. Change your shoes to those that can grip slippery wet rocks. Once you reach the stop sign, return the way you came.’

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #karijini #hike #hikeaustralia #nationalpark #travelcouple #kermitspool #hancockgorge #travel #australia #seeaustralia

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We fell in love with Karijini National Park from day one when we did this hike and Hancock Gorge 😍 It was a cold winters day - unusually cold - and the water was like ice! 🥶 Wetsuits were the BEST idea we had and we spent much longer in the water than everyone else 😂💦 We spent 4 nights at the Dales Overflow Campground and did all the hikes and swam in all the (freezing) waterholes! 🙌🏼 This is one of our favourite places in all of Australia! And yes - we know that’s a big call! What’s your favourite place in Australia? There are just so many! 😅

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #karijini #karijininationalpark #hiking #hikeaustralia #travelcouple #travelaustralia #nationalpark #westernaustralia

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This is literally Chris’s favourite thing to do - find a tree, chop it down, chop it up, split it, stack it, light it, sit around it 🔥🤙🏼 Are you the type of person who buys a bag of wood 🪵 Or do you think you’re a ‘caveman’ like Chris thinks he is - hunting and gathering? 😂

#makita #makitatools #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #campfire #camping #electricchainsaw #makitachainsaw #blundstone #blundstoneboots

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Sunsets & campfires are what we look forward to every night - some places we can’t, so when we can - we make the most of it 🔥😁
📍Karijini National Park, The Pilbara, WA

#aussiedestinationsunknown #campfire #fulltimetravel #fulltimerv #caravanningaustralia #travelcouple #travelaustralia #fire #camping #lskd #blundstoneboots #titaniumcaravans #sunset #campinglife #camp

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💥Generator Hack!💥Sun ain’t sun! As much as we love these crisp, sunny winter days the sun sits lower in the sky and the rays aren’t as powerful, meaning our solar panels aren’t anywhere near as efficient as when the sun is directly overhead during the summer months ☀️ This coupled with the fact Chris has been a bit lazy with cleaning the panels the past few weeks means we need some assistance to top the Enerdrive batteries back up! 🤪
We’ve spent the last 4 days mostly inside the caravan, off grid, with the inverter switched on to power the Starlink and hard drives plus we have been using high powered appliances like the microwave, airfryer & washing machine. Now is one of the few times we need to use our ‘generator’ - not the generator you think 😉 Normal generators are heavy, can be noisy, smelly and forbidden in a lot of campgrounds. This is our solution thanks to the amazing technology @enerdrive_australia have brought to the caravanning and 4x4 industry 🙌🏼 How do you camp off grid for weeks and months at a time? What sort of battery system do you have? Do you carry a generator? What set up have you got in your caravan or car? We’d love to know!

#enerdrive #dometic #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduenerdrive #lithium #offgrid #generator #chevytrucks #offgridpower #offgridbatterysystem #offgridliving #titaniumcaravans #fulltimetravel #fulltimerv #caravanningaustralia

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Happy Sunday! Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy the latest instalment of our WA adventures 😁 Link is in linktree bio 🧐 The latest YT ep has landed 🙌🏼 Coronation Beach in the Geraldton area is known as the windsurfing capital of Australia - and it’s easy to see why 😍 This place is incredible - even if you don’t join in, you can watch all the action from the beach - and there’s plenty of it! We show you around this vibing beach camp before making our north, stopping in at the Lynton Convict Depot and finally setting up camp at Lucky Bay. We head off for some fun in the dunes with the Chevy before cooking dinner over the fire🔥

If you enjoy our content, please subscribe to our channel now - Aussie Destinations Unknown- and click that little bell to be notified when our videos go live! 🔔😁

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #coronationbeach #caravanningaustralia #travelcouple #travelvlog #lyntonconvictdepot #luckybaykalbarri #4x4 #4x4australia #duramax #gmsv #gmsvxadu #travelaustralia #travel #seeaustralia

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Bullara Station - two nights is just not enough! We ate your delicious scones with jam & cream twice, fell in love with your coffee & sausage rolls, had a great time with Damper John around the fire where we met so many wonderful people! We bought your roasts, sausages and steaks, lathered up in your famous showers, became friends with your cows & sheep, read the bottles on the tree and had a blast wandering around checking out all the old vehicles and sculptures steeped in history. To say we fell in love is an understatement! Next time we will be staying for at least 3 nights and one of those will be Friday - burger night! Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and wonderful memories 🤍🙏🏼

#bullarastation #stationstay #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #westernaustralia #ningaloocoast #travelaustralia #travelcouple #australia #travel #cattlestation

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It had to be done - our spin on the Iconic @bullarastationstay showers 🤣 These are some of the most photographed showers in Australia 🚿 and until last week they were heated using the old donkey hot water system 🔥 The workers here are very happy they no longer have to light the fires at 6am so we can all have hot showers! 😁 These showers/bathrooms are in a section known as the ‘LAVA TREE’ (lavatory) as they have trees growing up through them! So very cool 😁
PS. I did spend a good 5 minutes searching for the ‘lava trees’ before someone told me I’d already been inside one 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

#bullarastation #bullara #outdoorshower #shower #westernaustralia #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #travelaustralia #travelcouple #seeaustralia #visitwesternaustralia #couplegoals

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Charles Knife Canyon/Gorge/Lookout is just 22km from Exmouth and well worth the 5:15am wake up call to get there for first light! It’s absolutely incredible. It’s free and it’s accessible by 2WD. What’s your favourite gorge/canyon in Australia? 😁

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #charlesknifecanyon #canyon #lookout #westernaustralia #visitwesternaustralia #travelcouple #travelaustralia #exmouth

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We thought it was about time we reintroduce ourselves & would love to connect with our new followers & reconnect with our existing followers! 😁 Over the past few years we’ve had our heads down, bums up with the rapid growth of ADU & feel like we’ve lost touch a little with the travel community. Hi 👋🏼 We are Miriam & Chris - a content creating couple who have been travelling & sharing our adventures around Australia full time for 3 years, part time for 14. We would love for you to drop us a comment, & introduce yourselves to us! 🙏🏼 If we already know each other - let’s have some fun & let us know how we met, or the first time we met 😅 We do have a video on YT explaining who we are & how ADU was born if you’d rather watch than read - link is in our linktree bio 😁 A little about us: We are proud influencers for the travel & caravanning industry in Australia, working with many amazing people, brands & tourism bodies to show others how they can get out & explore Australia, & for those who don’t want to or are unable to travel, we take you with us through our video, blog & photo content on all platforms including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, IG & our website. Links to these are all in our linktree bio.
I (Miriam) was born in Tasmania & raised in Ecuador, South America - my parents were missionaries. Chris was raised in South East QLD spending most summers in Far North QLD with his family who still live up that way. We have 4 children (all older now) who live in SEQ. Chris is an ex-sign writer who wound his company up before we hit the road & I’m a PT & have a diploma in nutrition & dietetics. I’ve brought my business with us filming workout videos on the road & helping people using online platforms 💪🏼 🥑🙃 Chris has a background in extreme sports - racing motocross for years & riding stand up jet skis. Now surfing, diving, & hitting the trails on our eMTB’s is how we get our adrenaline fix! 🏄‍♂️🚲🤿 We have no travel end date in sight & as long as we love what we’re doing, we will continue doing it! 🙌🏼 We’re traveling in our 22.6 Titanium Caravan & GMSV Silverado HD. That’s us in a nutshell - your turn!👇🏼

#aussiedestinationsunknown #travelcouple

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Winderbandi Point on the Ningaloo Coast - what a spot to spend a few hours! It’s absolutely stunning with crystal clear shallow water 🐢🐠 and insanely beautiful reef 🪸 out the back. We stayed & played until the winds picked up 💨
The campground itself is pretty good too! The track in is super narrow and we’d definitely be adding pin stripes to the van if we towed it in. The tracks & campsites are also quite sandy - but wow. What a spot!! 😍 This one is just a few minutes up the track and around the point from where we are camped at
North Lefroy 🙌🏼

#winderabandipoint #ningaloo #westernaustralia #aduwa #travel #travelaustralia #reef #exploreaustralia #visitaustralia #beautiful #ocean #beach #beachlife #travelvlog #visitwesternaustralia #seeaustralia #australia #beachcamp #placesweswim

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As a full time traveling content creator couple we do absolutely everything together! Eat, sleep, work, play and every now and then we get to sit on the beach and enjoy the sunset together.
In all honesty, these moments are rare because of how busy we are. So when they do happen, we cherish them ☺️
How do you enjoy down time with your partner?

#sunset #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #northlefroy #beachsunset #beach #westernaustralia #travelcouple #contentcreator #travelvlog #couplegoals #travelcouplelife

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Lazerlamps and ADU - lighting up Australia 😁✌🏼

#lazerlamps #4x4 #4x4lights #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduchevy #adulivbig #gmsvxadu #gmsv #duramax #silverado #4x4australia #chevysilverado #modifiedcars #liftedtrucks #offroad

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Warroora Station on the Ningaloo Coast - 2 nights isn’t enough! The 265,000 acre working cattle station itself is a great pace to camp - but the 50km of frontage to the Indian Ocean that it sits on is incredible!l 😍
We only had one day to see the whole lot - and we did our best. We started up at Stevens Campground and worked our way back down stopping at Wedding Hill and Elles’ Beach which we fell in love with 💦🩵
We then came back down past the station and headed south to the Lagoon having a look at all the spectacular places in between like Black Moon Cliff, Sasha Belle Spot and Veronica’s Vista 😁
We spent a few hours on the beach where we had lunch, saw 2 beautiful Manta Rays and had a snooze in the sun ☀️ What a fantastic spot!!! Thanks @warroora_station - we’ve had a blast 😁🙏🏼

#warroorastation #warroora #westernaustralia #aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #travelaustralia #ningaloo #ningaloocoast #caravanningaustralia #roadtrip #travelcouple

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Talk about an incredible way end to the day! We spotted these 2 beautiful Manta Rays swimming right in front of us at The Lagoon here at Warroora Station 😍 Did you know Manta rays have the largest brain-to-size ratio of any cold-blooded fish? I didn’t either until I googled it 😁 Chris was so excited that after he shot this he ran down the beach and jumped in with them - he was a bit too excited though and ‘wahoo’d’ and they swam away 😅

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #mantaray #warroora #westernaustralia #visitwesternaustralia #seeaustralia #beach #ocean #warroorastation #travel #travelaustralia #australia #exploreaustralia

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Here we go - the next station on the list - Warroora - pronounced “Warra’ which is unlike how we’ve been pronouncing it up until now 😅 We have a nice list from the station of 21 things to see and do around here 👌🏼 We are only here for 2 nights and plan on exploring a small section what this part of WA has to offer. Next year we will be spending much more time in each area to be able to see all the spots we miss this time. So far I can say the staff here at Warroora are lovely, the showers are hot with awesome water pressure, the toilets are great and there are accommodation options galore for people with caravans and without. The road in is 23km of dust and a little bit of corrugation and there’s plenty of space around the caravans once parked up 😁🙌🏼

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #warroorastation #warroora #westernaustralia #visitwesternaustralia #travelcouple #travelaustralia #australia #cattlestation #seeaustralia

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We spend the day at Gnaraloo Bay today … and WOW! 😍
Ps. This is my (Miriam’s) drone footage of Greg (@campedia.com.au ) and Chris - I’m still learning!! 🫣

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #gnarraloobay #gnaraloobay #westernaustralia #travelaustralia #drone #visitwesternaustralia #travelaustralia

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Our first day snorkelling here at Gnaraloo Station 🤿🐠🪸🙌🏼 It was a bit choppy and the clarity wasn’t so good, but it’s still absolutely stunning under the water! So very different to last week in ‘The Aquarium’ at Quobba. So many huge clams! We didn’t see as many fish as usual due to so much sand floating around in the water, but what we did see was 👌🏼 What’s your favourite place to snorkel/dive from here moving north?

#gnaraloo #gnaraloostation #snorkel #westernaustralia #travel #travelcouple #australia #visitaustralia

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A day in the life of ADU 😁🙌🏼 We left Quobba Campground at 8am and made our way slowly to Gnaraloo Station. We stopped in at Quobba Station & Red Bluff - both places looked great! But - Gnaraloo is our pick for sure! This place is next level - this whole coastline just keeps getting better the further north we go! Maybe ‘better’ isn’t the word - different and warmer ☀️💦😁 The beach here is covered in heaps of huge clam shells & coral plus some smaller shells & the snorkeling is right out the front of our van! We have the BEST site at 3 Mile Lagoon 🪸🤿💦☀️🐚

#aussiedestinationsunknown #aduwa #caravanningaustralia #titaniumcaravans #quobba #gnaraloo #redbluff #westernaustralia #visitwesternaustralia #travelaustralia #gmsvxadu #chevy #chevytrucks #silverado

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