It’s a funny little story how our relationship with Body Armour began. Chris was feeling a bit seedy from having a bit too much fun the night before and ‘the ears of our smartphones’ had overheard our conversation.

Within a few hours an add for Body Armour, hangover relief popped up in our Instagram Feed! I thought it was funny and screen recoreded it and shared it to our stories and the guys at Body Armour sent Chris some to try. He did .. and was so surprised at how well it worked! He woke up with a headache (no doubt partly due to dehydration from being at the off road racing all day and not drinking enough water) but it didn’t get worse and he didn’t get cranky as the day wore on – he felt better!

He’s had this little bottle of magic each time and has had the same results. So I’d say that’s a winner! I don’t drink much at all but have read the ingredients on the back of the bottle and plan on having them as a health boost. They are full of good stuff! 🙂


Head over to and enter our code ADU15 for a 15% discount off your little bottles of magic

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