We’ve been running MAXTRAX for years … we even have a turqoise set to match our ADU colours! We love the product, the company and the people behind it.

Chris and I started adventuring together over 10 years ago using a little book called ‘Dirty Weekends’, and when we discovered that Brad (the author) had devised the idea for MaxTrax back in 2001, we were intrigued!

We found out that MAXTRAX came about after Brad found himslef in a particularly stressful situation on a remote north Queensland beach where he almost lost his bogged vehicle to the incoming tide, despite being equipped with all of the traditional recovery equipment. Maxtrax are safe, no assistance needed. They are lightweight and durable and you can get them almost anywhere. TJM, Opposite Lock, ARB, BCF, Supercheap Auto and Anaconda stores as well as a number of independent retailers, and from stockists in thirty countries including the USA, Peru, South Africa, Norway, France, England, Japan, Ukraine, New Zealand and UAE, to name just a few!

Their customers now include mining, energy and exploration companies, government agencies, 4WD trainers and tour operators, lifeguard services, rural fire services, State Emergency Service branches, off road rally drivers, the Australian Army, US Defense Force and the United Nations.

MAXTRAX is now an I4WDTA (International 4WD Trainers Association) Recommended Product.

So, as you can see – these guys are the best in the business. We wouldn’t explore half of the places that we do without them!

Head over to the MAXTRAX website to find out more.

A couple of sets of the turqouise MAXTRAX on the old Hilux

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