This is even better than the real thing! Trust me, after you make it a few times, you will ALWAYS want to make sure you have the ingredients on hand – ready for when that ‘Fathead Craving’ takes over! This is a staple in our household. The kids even like to make their own 🙂

Fat Head Pizza Base Serves 2 (this is a VERY filling pizza)


  • 1 ½ cups shredded mozzarella
  • ¾ cup almond flour
  • 2 Tbsp. cream cheese, broken up
  • 1 egg
  • Garlic powder
  • Baking paper and baking tray sheet
  • Whatever toppings you like



  1. Figure out what toppings you will have and prepare them first (cook any meats/onions etc. that need cooking).
  2. Put mozzarella & cream cheese in a medium size microwaveable bowl.
  3. Microwave for 1 min, stir and then another 30 sec, stir (very hot!).
  4. Stir in egg & almond flour.
  5. Wet hands and smoosh it into a ‘dough’ and  then spread it fairly thin on baking paper. It should spread evenly with dough-like consistency (if “stringy” then your cheese has hardened too much—just put it back in the microwave for maybe another 20 seconds).
  6. Poke holes into the base to stop those huge bubbles rising (you’ll soon know what I mean!).
  7. Sprinkle with garlic powder.
  8. Put in 180c degree oven or cook in airfryer or in weber/bbq.
  9. After about 7 minutes, check it and poke holes where any of those big bubbles may be.
  10. Remove from heat and top with whatever topping you have prepared.
  11. Return to the oven/bbq until the cheese is golden and bubbling


Keep in mind that the toppings only cook long enough for the cheese to melt. Therefore, any meat you add needs to be fully cooked. Before you begin making your crust, cook the bacon/mushrooms/onion/. Remember, it’s a PIZZA… so be creative!


A good old cheese pizza. The kids favourite! (along with Hawaiian of course)

It also travels well and tastes great cold. It was our lunch while we were out exploring the Kroombit National Park 🙂

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