Locally handcrafted, with a sleek binding to suit your style – it looks cool, feels lush, and travels easily, BUT most importantly, it WORKS.

muk mat™ provides great durability, with a soft feel, to effectively remove muk that has clung to your feet or shoes.

muk mat™ STEP is  62 x 26 cm of Australian made urban turf.

It’s natural looking, UV protected, 40mm state of the art Polyethylene multi-filament yarn. The 100% Woven Polypropylene provides maximum water resistance and a soft Latex backing.

Use muk mat ™ before getting into your car, house, tent, van or changing out of your wetsuit and dirty sports gear.

Keep the muk mat™ flat in the back of your car to save your upholstery getting wet and dirty from filthy shoes, wetsuits or damp clothes.

Simply shake to remove the muk, roll it up and secure with the velcro strap. Rinse as needed and store out of direct sunlight.

Remember to put your muk mat™ straight back into the car, because once you use the muk mat™  you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

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