Spent the morning surfing but don’t want sandy feet in the car?

Well you need a muk mat.

Kids been outside playing sport but you don’t want grass all over the lounge room carpet?

Better use a muk mat.

Love camping but hate dirt in your sleeping bag?

That calls for a muk mat.

So what on earth is a muk mat?

muk mat is a portable synthetic grass mat designed to get the muk off your feet and shoes.

All Australian, locally handcrafted, with a sleek binding to suit your style, it looks cool, feels lush and travels easily, but most importantly, it WORKS.


muk mat ™ provides great durability, with a soft feel, to effectively remove any muk that has clung to your feet or shoes. available in  50x65cm, 90x60cm, 60 x 120cm or the step mat 62x26cm of Australian made, quality 40mm blade, green synthetic turf – with a variety of trim colours.

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