The Muk Mat ™ is one insanely good Aussie product made from recycled materials. The WHAT? I hear you ask. The Muk Mat ™! It’s one of our most asked-about camping accessories so I thought I’d do a little write up about it for you.

Let me begin by saying it’s not just a ‘camping’ accessory. We actually use these at home as well.

So, what is it? It’s a mat that looks like grass and gets rid of almost anything that’s stuck to your shoes or feet. Or, as described on their website ‘muk mat is a portable synthetic grass mat designed to get the muk off your feet and shoes.’



They are durable with a super soft feel (this is very important for me!) and come in 3 different sizes; 50x65cm, 90x60cm, 60x120cm or the step mat 62x26cm. We find the larger size to work best for us at home, for the van and below the step of our ladder to the rooftop. We had the 90x60 and upgraded to the larger size just recently (the larger mat is image pictured outside the caravan in the first image). The step mat for the caravan is great as well. We have this as well as the one below the steps and our van floor stays pretty clean! 


The mats are also super easy to clean. Just give them a shake or a quick hose down and leave to dry. There are holes in the heavy base meaning water drains straight through.

Let me clarify that it is NOTHING like the artificial grass squares you can get from Bunnings. Not even in the same ballpark. It’s made using a quality 40mm blade, green synthetic turf and comes in a variety of trim colours; earth grey, ocean blue, pitch black, earth brown and I think I’ve seen green and pink on the website somewhere too! (Limited editions maybe? lol)

We’ve been using the Muk Mat’s ™ for over 2 years now and rate them a 10/10. In fact, we love them so much that we have one for the 4x4, one on the step in the caravan, one at the front door of the caravan and of course no house is complete without one at the front and back doors! 

We’ve used it on dry and wet sand, dirt, mud, dry and wet grass and at our front and back doors and it’s an absolute winner each time.

All Australian, locally handcrafted, with a sleek binding to suit your style, it looks cool, feels lush and travels easily, but most importantly, it WORKS.

Click on the link to be taken to the Muk Mat ™ website and order your own!

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