LYFE RV is a Melbourne based fabrication and manufacturing facility which prides itself on building top quality and innovative custom caravans and toy haulers.   Give them a call with a design ready to go and they’ll take it from concept to completion with results which will bring a smile to your face. Or, trust Cody to build you an epic van and be happily surprised at the finished product.


It sure brought a smile to our faces when we flew down to Melbourne to run through the design of our van. What we have seen and experienced gives us 100% faith in these guys and we absolutely recommend them for your next caravan.


These guys are the new kids on the block and are really shaking up the caravan industry!


Cody is a legend, and a very clever one at that! If you’re after a caravan or toy hauler, give them a call, ask for Cody and say ‘the guys at Aussie Destinations Unknown sent me over’ 🙂


Check them out at

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