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Sometimes adventuring without the kids is awesome. Of course we love them to bits, but we also love each other to bits and value our ‘couples time’ and our ‘alone time’. When it’s just the two of us, we can hike further, relax a bit more, or push ourselves that bit harder. Sometimes it’s nice to just think about ‘us’. To lie in bed and talk and laugh and watch a movie without the kids in the bunks behind the door. It’s nice to read, and meditate and sit in silence. And while the kids are starting to understand the value in this, they’ve got a few years before they truly appreciate what its like to be ‘old’ like us 😛

These are the adventures we’ve had and experiences we’ve shared as a couple. That’s not to say families wouldn’t enjoy the location, it’s just our experience. There have been many times we’ve visited somewhere and realised it would be fantastic to ‘come back with the kids’, and we’ve done just that! We hope that by sharing our travels with you, that you will encounter something fun and exciting that will spur you on to make that next booking and to head off and try something new.

Dare to Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you”

our favourite couple’s destinations

Moreton Island

Moreton Island is one of our favourite Aussie destinations, and we are so lucky to have it right in our own backyard. Chris has been holidaying on the island since he was a kid and has been bringing me along for the adventures for the past 10 years. (yup – we have...

Camping – What is it Really?

‘Yes mum. I’ve rinsed my feet in the bucket. YES! I’ve wiped them on the towel too.’ I shook my head, laughing a little as I walked inside.

If I had $1 for every time someone said to me, ‘I don’t like camping,’ I’d be a very rich woman!

The Gorge, Clarence River NSW

We were so lucky to stumble across The Gorge on the Clarence River! After spending some time on the stunning white sandy beaches of the NSW North Coast, we felt it was time to head inland and swap sand and saltwater for grass and the fresh, running waters of the...

Hosanna Farmstay

Hosanna Farmstay is where we just spent the most incredible weekend. We have been once before, over 5 years ago with the kids and always said we would return.  I have no idea what took us so long! We did notice a few pretty big changes this trip with the main one...

Helensvale Meet Up

Our very first ADU Meet up was at Helensvale with some absolute legends who love the outdoor lifestyle as much as we do!

Woody Head, NSW

Woody Head is one of those places you visit and start to plan your return trip within moments of setting up. It really is the perfect beach holiday spot.

White sandy beaches, rock platforms, a boat ramp, grassy areas, rain forest, shallow reef (perfect for snorkeling) and lots of kangaroos roaming around … plus awesome surfing and great fishing place Woody Head right near the top of our beach side camping list.

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