Cruisemaster Factory Tour

Cruisemaster Factory Tour

We have always known that Cruisemaster is the industry leader in all-terrain towing technology. We have heard this said time and time again, and our last van was fitted with this suspension and coupling and towed like a dream.

We had messaged with them on Instagram and knew the people behind the product were knowledgeable and the kind of guys we would get along with if we happened to cross paths in the ‘real world’.

We bumped into the crew at the Brisbane Caravan Show a few months ago and had been right! We all got along really well, had a long chat and a good look into how both the company and its products came to be so damned good.

When they offered to take us on a factory tour, we jumped at the opportunity and set a date.

Nathan was our tour guide and gave us a brief run-down while I signed us both in (Chris says I have neater handwriting) and we put on our high-vis vests. Something else I have that Chris doesn’t is foresight … so I had come prepared with enclosed shoes while Chris wore thongs! So, I was the lucky one that got to see all the fun stuff while Chris had to say on the green. 🤣

Every part of his huge factory is fascinating and if you listen carefully to what is being said, you will be blown away as we were. I was able to see the entire process from start to finish including both the robot welders in their little rooms and human welders behind the curtains.

Parts are manufactured here in the factory from Aussie made steel which is awesome … and the research and development is out of this world.

It’s incredible how these products are tested before they hit the market. It restores faith in what is often a deceitful industry filled with little concern for the consumer. So many cool gadgets and machines all make it obvious that some pretty clever engineers work at Cruisemaster!

Check out their R.A.T or ‘remote area testing’ here:

and the teaser video here:


It’s evident just how much they pride themselves in their work and we are completely impressed! 👌🏼

What we really love is the dedication to getting things just right. A great example of this is the TPC (Towing Performance Centre).

At the Cruisemaster Towing Performance Centre they assess your complete towing package to ensure all changes made to the vehicle or caravan won’t lead to adverse effects elsewhere in the towing experience.

They give you an in-depth analysis by weighing the vehicle in 3 stages; tow vehicle, caravan or camper and the combination of the two. This gives both the individual axle loads as well as the combination weights associated with towing.

The Cruisemaster TPC is a MUST VISIT for anyone who doesn’t know their numbers. We came in well under with our Hilux which was great news! And we know exactly how much we have to play with. We will be heading straight back here when we take delivery of our new van early next year

Without our GCM/GVM upgrade we would have been right up that creek without a paddle! 💩


The TPC also perform vehicle fitouts including:

Engine Protection, suspension performance, GVM upgrades, towing essentials, electrical and comms, vehicle protection and storage solutions.

See more here:

They also perform caravan servicing including:

Brake inspections, service and replacement; wheel bearing inspection, serive and replacement; coupling replacement and upgrades; logbook servicing of all suspensions types; pre/post trip suspension inspections; suspensions lubricaton and overhaul; suspensions, draw bar and undercarriage repairs; wheel alignments on applicable suspension

See more here:


Thanks to an awesome team for bringing something to the market that is desperately needed!

Take our advice and call these guys, take your rig/setup in and get it checked out. They’ll give you all the info you need to stay safe and legal.


Websites here:




352 Bilsen Road

Vehicles: 07 3624 3821
Caravans: 073624 3822

Helensvale Meet Up

Helensvale Meet Up

RnR Wanderers, Let’s Get Outta Here and Makn Trax were coming along for our first weekend away in months! We’ve had a really rough year having had no van or 4x4 for what feels like forever, and this was us finally getting back out there doing what we love.

 We still don’t have a caravan or a battery system in the Hilux but we weren’t going to let this stop us. So, we were heading off with what we do have – the Alucab rooftop and a borrowed Eski packed with ice.

Our initial plans of a weekend at Flanagan’s Reserve were completely thrown by the devastating bushfires that have wreaked havoc in our National Parks and so many other places. Where could we go on such short notice we wondered? The BIG4 at Helensvale popped into my mind (it’s our local go-to park being only 20 minutes down the highway). Worth a try I thought and made the call. Within a few minutes we were booked into the unpowered sites down the back by the river.

It’s such a fun park with awesome amenities and great, super-friendly staff. I love the huge tropical fish tank in one of the (really nice) camp kitchens and the even bigger one in the amenities block! It’s pet-friendly and even has a dog-park which was perfect for Mel and Geoff’s pooches Molly and Kiki to have a good run around in. If dogs and fish aren’t your thing, feel free to check out the various animals in the ‘petting zoo’. There’s a BMX track which Greg’s little fella didn’t take long to find, and plenty of open spacefor the kids to ride/tun around in.

The pool area lit up by flames at night and open until 9 p.m., is amazing.  You can relax in the spa or splash around in the heated pool which has a water slide while the kids (if you have them) have fun in the shallow kid’s pool. If you want to eat while hanging out in the pool area, you’ll find the café serves scrumptious food and drinks until 8 p.m. And they can whip up a mean cocktail! 

Yep, this park is just awesome! It also helps that the park is located right across the highway from Movie World, Dream World, White Water World, Wet n Wild, Outback Spectacular and Top Golf and isn’t far from Surfers Paradise or Brisbane.

Yep, this park is just awesome! It also helps that the park is located right across the highway from Movie World, Dream World, White Water World, Wet n Wild, Outback Spectacular and Top Golf and isn’t far from Surfers Paradise or Brisbane.

Mel and Geoff (RnR Wanderers) were already set up when we arrived about lunch time on Friday. We parked the Hilux next to ‘Blondie’ and our Alu-cab roof top and brand new awning was set up within a few minutes.

We had a bit of a chat before I left the boys with their beers and went for a bit of a splash in the heated pool.

When I returned to camp, Greg from Makn Trx  had arrived along with Kurt and Carly from Let’s Get Outta Here .

 The boys were frothing over Greg’s chopped 200 series and discussing all things 4x4.

Camping makes a person hungry and we were there is a flash when Kurt and Carly invited us over to their caravan for Weber-fired pizzas. Carly’s got that recipe nailed … dinner was delish!

It was still early when we climbed up into the roof top. It’s super comfy so we fell asleep fairly easily despite the sound of the freeway. We had forgotten how loud the road-noise is when not in an enclosed van!

The sun peeking in through the flyscreen combined with the cockatoos squawking had us up pretty early. I pulled up a camp chair by the river to read for a while and Chris did whatever it is Chris does (Instagram and YouTube I think … lol).

By the time the others were up and about, we’d showered, and Chris was getting hangry. We thought brekky at the café would be quicker than cooking our own, so we all headed over there to find we had 15 minutes before the gate opened.  Not to be idle, we decided to have a bit of a sticky at the huge new water park that will be open to the public in February next year. It will be amazing!

On the way, some gorgeous little French Bulldog puppies name Bob and Marley grabbed our attention and wouldn’t let go! They were adorable and had us all wishing we could take them home. Marty (their dad) came out and had a chat with us. Turns out he was there with his family on the final leg of their lap around Australia! ‘Glamping Around Oz’ was stuck on their Silverline next to a big ‘For Sale’ sticker.

Breakfast was divine (pancakes, eggs benedict, brekkie wraps and big breakfast filled our table) and a great way to start the day that was filled with relaxing, chatting, swimming, being a little crazy in the pool and just enjoying each other’s company.

We had a nibbles platter for lunch, again thanks to Kurt and Carly, and said goodbye to Greg who was packing up and heading off only to set up in a new location a few hours later. The rest of us all went our separate ways for a few hours; some of us reading, others (Chris) having naps, swimming, and doing whatever else we felt like.

Chris added some awesome graphics to the back of the Let’s Get Outta Here Van and managed to get it straight even after a few Big Heads!

We came back together later in the arvo to sort out how we were getting to and from Top Golf which was just across the Motorway. Needless to say, we were all a little disappointed when we arrived to find out that the wait to play was over two hours.

We decided food was the next best thing (I know, food did feature a lot in our weekend!) and headed to the Boathouse Tavern for some amazing food and drinks.

We sat outside next to the live music. It was fun to people watch a bit and continue chatting. We didn’t run out of conversation all weekend which I guess is to be expected when like-minded people with similar passions get together. It was great!

There was a brief lull while we were all devouring our meals … but that didn’t last long! We all have so much in common and so much to share with each other … including lots of laughter.

I tell you … Mel and Carly seriously crack me up! Such hilarious human beings.   

Sunday was breakfast at the café and then time for Kurt, Carly and us to pack up and head off. We watched Mel and Jeff disappear in our side mirrors as we drove away … they were lucky enough to be hanging around for an extra night.

We had such a great weekend even though it was nothing like we had originally planned. Our free-camping adventure at Flanagan’s turned into a caravan park adventure with loads of delicious food and pool time! Who can complain about that? Certainly not me! I had a blast and I can’t wait until our next meet up in mid-December. 

Thanks to Mel and Jeff, Greg and Ellie and Kurt and Carly for making the weekend awesome.  Oh, and Chris. Of course, thanks to Chris! He makes all my weekends awesome 🙂


13 Christmas Gift Ideas

13 Christmas Gift Ideas

13 Christmas gift ideas

🎄🎁 It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts! And if you’re stuck – let me share 13 awesome gift (and some stocking stuffer) ideas that will have your entire family covered (and your mates too!) 😁👌🏼

If you’re like me and have family or friends with birthday’s coming up during the silly season, why not take advantage of the list below and do some birthday shopping while you’re at it?

We work closely with all of these brands, using their incredible products all the time. We love that most are designed and made right here in Australia (you’ll see the 🇦🇺 next to the Aussie made products). Aussie Aussie Aussie! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

We are super excited to be able to offer special discounts to our followers and supporters on some of the items listed below, so be sure to enter our code or click on the links to get the discount. 😄

We believe the products are as awesome as the Aussie owned people who have created them and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do 🤙🏼

1. 🇦🇺 bbqarm

Head over to 👉🏼 and enter the code 🔥ADUCREW🔥 for your discount!

What is it? An Aussie designed and made caravan and camping bbq table (and accessories) for bbq’s or gas cookers that easily swings out of the way. Designed for camping and 4WD enthusiasts it can be mounted to your caravan, camper trailer or vehicle. Check out our video here:



the perfect stocking stuffer! Purchase here:👉🏼

👖👙👕No more fiddling with pegs – hanging your washing is fast and easy; Easy on, easy off! It hooks on with a bungee strap and little hooks which you hook onto whatever you like! 🙂Simply slide your washing into the slots to dry. Australian Made.
Check out our videos here:


👉🏼 Head over to and be sure to enter the code 🔥ADU15🔥 for a 15% discount!

This is camp gear of the highest quality designed by people who love to camp and knows what is lacking in the market. Do yourself a favour and check out these ingenious products!

Navigator is an outdoor caravan, camping & adventure brand that provides accessories with a purpose for the modern-day nomad to assist in getting the best experience with as little stress as possible.
Ps … the camp chairs are ridiculously comfy and have built in wine glass and stubby holders!


👉🏼Order here:


What a GREAT way to personalise and glam up your car, van or even the walls or windows at home. Chris is a quite a creative guy and has designed have over 60 different designs.

If you can’t find what you are after, tell us and we can do a personalised sticker just for you!

These are designed and printed by us here in Queensland.

Head over to our website to order yours now!

Free postage.




Transform your boring walls into works of art work digital wall art!

We print your photos (or whatever you like) on an amazing material that can be peeled off and re-stuck without damaging most walls.

Your home, office, business, inside your caravan or almost anywhere you’ve got walls can benefit from a little Brandcraft magic as well.

These are great for kids bedrooms!

Email us now with your images and preferred size so we can check the resolution and give you a quote.


PRICING: Size: AO – $95Size: A1 – $80Size: A2 – $50


If you would like to get it printed as a wallpaper mural, please send it to us with the size of your wall and we can give you a quote.


Perfect stocking stuffers for the kids!!

Purchase here:👉🏼

Mystical Fire is a unique product that creates a brilliant display of colourful flames on wood burning fires! 

With a flick of the wrist as you toss the packet in, you can turn any fire into a mesmerising show of vibrant colours of red, green, blue, pink, orange and violet and more.


👉🏼 Purchase here:

Shaped for comfort and designed for practicality, this Stemless Insulated Wine Tumbler will lovingly take care of half a bottle of wine at a time (355ml) and keep it cool for up to 24hrs.
What’s neat is it’ll also handle hot drinks and keep them that way for up to 8hrs.
Constructed of BPA-free food grade stainless steel, the tumbler features a splashproof slide-open lid.

These are top-quality, and in our opinion the best on the market.


Purchase here: 👉🏼

From the people that brought us the Insulated Tumbler, we now have the FLASK! Perfect for camping, festivals and the great outdoors.  No need for ice or an esky! We love these …

Ready to serve and protect, the TraVino Flask will engulf an entire 750ml bottle of wine and will maintain the temp for a whole 24hrs. Featuring a sealed leak-proof- lid, it is the wine bottle where no one bottle has gone before, it is practically glass-less.

9. 🇦🇺 LOG BOOK

👉🏼 Purchase here:

The CARAVAN LOG BOOK is an A5 2 part book that will help you keep track of the places you stay and the kilometres that your caravan or camper trailer does.
The front part of the LOG BOOK allows to you note down where you stayed, rate it and jot down some notes that you can refer to later.

The back part allows you to keep track of the kilometres the caravan/camper travels.  There is a FUEL column too and it has been endorsed by the Caravan Industry of Victoria.


Purchase here:👉🏼

Whether you enjoy occasional overnight stays, weekends away, international adventures, months of adventures on the road or even sleepovers – The TRAVEL JOURNAL is packed with 92 journal pages to document your daily experiences. Draw, write or attach a photo. The kids just LOVE these! 🤗
This travel journal was proudly designed, developed and printed right here in Australia and is wire bound with a protective plastic sleeve. Everyone in your family will have a wonderful time documenting the highlights and happenings of each and every day and looking back on the memories in the months and years to come. 🥰



We love the VanGo collection – a Melbourne-based family run business.

Van Go is an eclectic assortment of wonderful caravan inspired goodies for home, the van, gift ideas and just for fun!

Products are printed locally where possible and are designed in Melbourne.


Head over to 👉🏼 and enter the code 🔥ADU15🔥 for your discount off any non-sale items 👌🏼

I know you’ve seen us repping this brand non-stop … and it’s because we LOVE IT! Men, women and kids … there’s something here everyone will love. These guys are based just down the road from us and we love hanging out with the crew. Legends in person and just as legendary with their clothing range.


Purchase here: 👉🏼 be sure to enter the code 🔥ADUCREW🔥 for a discount off your first subscription.

We are so proud to be partnered up and decked out in the best underwear on this planet. Yup. We know that’s a huge call … but it’s what we believe. 

It’s made right here in Queensland, is supportive, comfy and comes in the funkiest designs every month – delivered to your door! Whoop!

PS. They have recently added a KIDS RANGE to the mix so the whole family can match! Did someone say stocking stuffer genius? 😜

No matter who you are shopping for, you are bound to put smiles on their dials with something from this list! And if you have any questions at all in regards to anything at all … please ask us!

There’s nothing we love more than sharing our experiences to make things better/easier/more fun for you.


Ho ho ho and happy shopping!

Woody Head, NSW

Woody Head, NSW

Wahoooosers! It’s great to be baaaack!! 

Our new van is amazing and we love it … but what we love more than the van itself, are the adventures we get to experience once again. 4 months without a 4WD or caravan has truly taken its toll on all of us.

We couldn’t have chosen a better place for our first relaxing weekend in the van in months … we were finally able to set up the camp chairs, and enjoy a few beers (or many beers in Chris’s case!) around the fire with both old mates and new ones. 🔥

White sandy beaches, rock platforms, a boat ramp, grassy areas, rainforest, shallow reef (perfect for snorkeling) and lots of kangaroos roaming around … plus awesome surfing and great fishing put Woody Head, part of the Bundjalung National Park, right near the top of our beachside camping list. And the fact that it’s only a bit over 200 km from home makes it even better.

The charming seaside village of Iluka, right at the mouth of the Clarence River is just down the road and has everything you need including an IGA, golf course, a great bowling club and pub plus pretty much everything you need including a caravan park. We didn’t eat at the pub this time, but we have before and the meals were epic! The whole area (pub included) gives off an awesome relaxed vibe that makes you think seriously about not going home!

Our first time to this gorgeous spot was back in October of 2014 when we came and stayed at the Woody Head Campground and attended a friend’s wedding at Shark Bay, just around the corner. I was blown away at the beauty and tranquility of the place as it was my first time to the NSW North Coast. Chris had not long finished building our camper trailer and adventures like this were a new thing for us. We fell in love and knew we’d be back for sure.


Woody Head back in October 2014

We finally made it back, and yep – we are planning our return trip already. And next time we’ll bring the kids. We know they will love this place as much as we do. 

There really is so much to explore. A short walk through the campground will take you to a grassy area that leads you down to a white sandy beach (or a boat ramp if that’s what you need!) and if you head off to the right you will find a gorgeous little path, quite often dotted with kangaroos, that you can follow along the rock shelf and coastline for ages. You can spend hours exploring the rock shelf and checking out the different textures and patterns. We went for a walk just after sunrise to snap a few pics.

“Woody Head is a campground with the lot – you can pitch your tent, park your caravan or book a cabin to enjoy a pleasure-packed beach escape for the weekend or longer.
It’s a great place for a family holiday, with a protected sandy beach that’s ideal for swimming and fishing, a boat ramp and the spectacular rock platform. There are heaps of other things to do as well and children and adults alike will love exploring the rainforest and shallow reefs around the campground. There’s also a boat ramp for those who’ve brought their boat along, great places for fishing and waterbabies will love being so close to the beach.

There is one designated group camping area and the campground is wheelchair accessible.

Of course, with the amount of attractions on offer, it’s no wonder Woody Head is a popular north coast campground. You’ll need to book with plenty of time to secure your campsite.”


Woody Head Campground
🗺Woody Head Road, Woody Head NSW 2466
📞1300 072 757

Full Video Here

Kangaroo Valley and Buladelah, NSW. By Charli

Kangaroo Valley and Buladelah, NSW. By Charli

The first time dad has ever been worried … of course we’re all scared to death.

We were driving through a mountain range down an extremely steep, slippery road and were all scared for our lives.

When mum had found what sounded like an amazing free camp on Wikicamps (Bendeela Recreation Area), one person’s comment has mentioned ‘windy, slippery roads’ – and we were finding out first hand exactly what that person had meant! ‘

One wrong move and we’re ‘dead meat,’ that’s what dad said anyway.

Not to mention we had a 3 tonne caravan dragging behind us, making everything 100 times more difficult!

We finally make it through the steep mountains and get to a cute, one street country town. There are loads of little shops and cafes lining the main street, and a lovely old bridge that crosses a small ravine with a gorgeous river flowing underneath.

When we finally arrived at the free camp mum found on Wikicamps, we saw tonnes of wombats and kangaroos, some ducks and even a black cat!

We wandered around the campsite for a while, following a pathway that led us through some bushes to a stunning lake called ‘Lake Yarrunga’. The reflection of the surrounding trees on the water was absolutely beautiful.

Lake Yarrunga was formed when the Tallowa Dam was constructed in 1976, it’s an extremely important lake, as it is a part of the water supply for Shoalhaven, Illawarra and Sydney.

Lake Yarrunga is absolutely gorgeous and is filled with plenty of wildlife including platypus, ducks, birds and heaps more. And yep – I read all that information from a sign near the lake 🙂

As we were taking in our surroundings, we noticed that we could hear our voices echoing throughout the hills! We were standing on the wooden ramp cooeing and shouting into the hills, just to hear our voices talking back to us. We did that for about 20 minutes, until mum came over and told us to be quiet because we were echoing throughout the whole campsite. Oops.

We walked back to the caravan and decided to relax out the front and enjoy the views. It’s so green and so peaceful. Soon after, we decided we were starving and begged mum to cook us dinner, so we could hurry up and eat s’mores after.

For dinner, mum had cooked a beef and vegetable stew, and it had cooked in her thermal cooker while were driving. We ate it with a side of potato bread that tasted delicious! Who knew bread made out of mashed potato could taste so good? After that, we finally got to do what we had all been waiting for since we left home in Queensland, eat s’mores!

Although it wasn’t how we expected to, it still tasted delicious.

This whole trip we have been looking forward to sitting around a warm, cozy fire and toasting our gigantic marshmallows on the long pointy sticks we’d specially hand picked from the bush, smearing the melted marshmallow onto chocolate covered biscuits. But sadly we aren’t allowed to have fires where we were staying. So instead of eating them around the fire, dad lit the gas burner in the Dometic outside kitchen and we toasted the marshmallows that way. We had just picked up our brand new caravan, and we are super happy it’s got a slide out kitchen. I just hope we get to have s’mores again tomorrow night!

Next day: Kangaroo Valley to Bulahdelah River

We woke up to a nice warm caravan, with the smell of porridge wafting through the air. Mum and dad had woken up early to have a nice, peaceful breakfast without us kids making a racket. After we had brekky, we hooked up the van and drove off to our new destination, Bulahdelah.

On our way dad insisted we stop at one of his favourite pie shops called ‘Heatherbraes Pies‘. Mum got her favourite steak and mushroom, dad got a Jillaroo, and Aylah, Cooper and I all got an original beef pie. Once we all finished, our bellys were full and we were absolutely delighted with the delicious pies.

Soon after several stops at service station, we finally arrived at Bulahdelah. It’s a beautiful free camp right next to a gorgeous river that has plenty of space for heaps of caravans, tents, camper trailers, ect.

About 10 minutes after we arrived, we spotted a rope swing hanging out over river. We all desperately wanted to swing off it, but it was way too cold to go swimming. Cooper being the person he is, decided to show off to everyone how cool he is by swinging into the river without falling off. That didn’t go to plan. The first swing Cooper had, he slipped off the stick and landed strait into the river! We all burst out laughing as we all watched Cooper walked out of the muddy river with shame and embarrassment.

Of course Aylah wanted to have a go after Cooper, so she took of her shoes and grabbed onto the stick. She was hesitating for about 5 minutes until finally she built up the courage to swing over the river. We were all 100% certain she was going to fall in, but surprisingly she didn’t! She even swung 10 or more  times and still didn’t fall into the river. That really did shock us all.

And then it was Golden Hour! Time to snap a few pics as the sun set over the Myall River.

Later on we collected some rocks and made a fire pit. We grabbed the wood from our Navigator bags the that we had collected and dad had cut with his new chainsaw and began to build our fire.

The sun sank slowly, casting an orange glow. Birds were flying down the river, over the water and looping back around. Mum obviously decided to take photos of the sunset and they turned out amazing.

The campfire was lit, the chairs were set in a circle, relaxing music was playing from the caravan, everyone was sitting around the fire and everything was perfect.

A bit later dad cooked up some delicious meat patties on the slide out kitchen and mum put together some hamburgers for dinner. Aylah, Cooper and I sat around the fire and demolished our burgers faster than the parents could even make theirs! And of course we had s’mores after!

We had some Colourful Fire Packets (that you can buy from our online store here! and dad decided it was a good time to toss one in. Lucky we had already eaten our s’mores as you can’t roast marshmallows with the colorful flames bouncing around. It did look beautiful though and was an almost perfect night. We finally got to roast our marshmallows over the open, warm fire, sitting under the stars enjoying each others company.